Together we are stronger



Join us at the stunning Oxfordshire Golf Hotel & Spa in Oxfordshire, on Sunday 19th June 2022, where we will help you to find YOUR power and experience how powerful we can be when we work together!

You deserve to feel FULFILLED and HAPPY in EVERY area of your life

Emotional Wellbeing * Physical Wellbeing * Professional Wellbeing * Sexual Wellbeing * Financial Wellbeing

Come and enjoy a relaxed day of workshops and talks whilst exploring our exhibitors, who range from recruitment, business, divorce, dating, wellbeing, sex, menopause, money, glamour, health and more..

This not a large expo, but a small informative and relaxed event; just enjoy a combination of talks, workshops, and stands offering advice and information that could be life-changing for you! It’s time to get that spring back in your step and walk tall ❤