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Just some of our incredible speakers on the day

Marie Hall – Founder, Empowerment House – Main Stage Speaker – 1pm

I’m Marie Hall, mum to three amazing humans, navigating life with my rock, Head of PM at PURE Business Group, founder of EMPOWERMENT HOUSE.

Life’s good, I’m happy with plans, goals, ambition and drive. 

This wasn’t always me.

My mum had me when she was sixteen. By time she was 22 she had four of us. She had learning difficulties, no qualifications, she cleaned and did some care work but she was mostly out of work and depending on benefits. 

We grew up in poverty on council estates. Until I was 13 we lived in a house that had been due to be demolished 6 years previous so these maisonettes were never tended to by the council because they were up for demolition. When we moved in it was meant to be temporary. 6 years later we were still there.

During secondary school I began to increase in confidence slightly. I found PE and started dancing. It turned out my talents were in the physical activities. I got onto the sports teams. I became a dancer. Somehow it was decided that dancing would be my career. I wasn’t clever so it was never going to be anything where brains or thinking would be required. At the same time my mum and dad were going through a nasty divorce, by time I reached 18 I realised I hated dancing and aged 16 I had fallen into a relationship with a man who was controlling and abusive.

Then I was 20. I had endured 4 years of abuse, I was hating life as a dancer and I knew I needed out of my home because I couldn’t take no more of what was going on with my parents. Within a few weeks I left him, I left home and I left dance. No explanations, no reasons for anybody I just did it because at this point my life depended on it.

From then I started my journey to the woman that I am today. I guess what I’m saying to the women in the world is that if I can, I know that you can.

Read more about Marie here

Bridget Daley – Founder, Parents in Biz – Main Stage Speaker – 11am

I’m Bridget, the founder of Parents in Biz.and, the editor of the Parents in Business Magazine. I’m a business owner, and mother of 5.

I’m no stranger to wearing multiple hats and being busy at the same time as pursuing my passions and dreams. I’m passionate about empowering parents to design a work style that suits them and their family.

I started my first business over ten years ago, and I understand, first hand, the pains that we, as parents, go through, from starting up a business to scaling a business. There weren’t many parentpreneurs in my social circle back when I started, and my ambition often seemed like a pipe dream.

Throughout my business journey, my children have gone through all the stages of child development baby, toddler, pre-schooler, school age, teenagers, and young adulthood.  

My journey is very much intertwined with why I set up Parents in Biz.

I support parent business owners through their business journey. I empower parents to manage the tightrope of growing a business and having harmony at home. 

Read more about Bridget here

Julie Hawkins – Founder, SMBN Single Mums Business Network – Main Stage Speaker – 10am

[18] [15 PG] – [Talk Contains Adult Content]

Jules is the Director of KIH Products and Founder of the Single Mums Business Network.  Multi-Award-Winning Business Woman and Visionary.  Also co-organiser of Find Your Power Event 2021 and Author of Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit. 

I had worked full time age 15-35, I had a number of live-in relationships, settled down, married, owned my own home, planned to start a family. We had two bedrooms, two cars, two jobs, two cats, we were perfectly two. But I was broken, my soul hurt, I was uninspired to live and I looked on as other women seemed to be fulfilled and empowered. I just drank to keep my spirits up and mask the truth of my emptiness.

The loss of my unborn child with my husband turned my world upside down, I decided that I was not meant to be a wife or a mother, I set myself free and went wild. I started over, I was blessed with another pregnancy, I went back to study and completed a law degree, set-up a business, learned about depression and healed my own mind. I found happiness, real happiness, along a very traumatic transformative path. I decided to reject anything and anyone who abused me, no matter how gently.

I fought for happiness, the right job, the right home, the awards in recognition of my business efforts, and the right relationships. I explored tantra and refused to accept one sided pleasure. I wrote a book in 2016 called finding happiness and freeing your spirit.  The book addresses sexual wellbeing, relationships, mental health, depression, ambition, and is essentially made up of ’20 tips to help you on your way’.  It is a very light read, that pinpoints how you can help yourself, and those around you.  This is supported by my blog, and I work with clients nationally and internationally via Zoom to help them work their way to true happiness. 

Our speakers have something in common; we have challenged and fought against the path laid out in front of us, we have exceeded expectations, and we are so happy that we genuinely want you all to be happy too, in every area of your life! because we know that we are all so much kinder to each other when we are happy! We believe in #sisterhood #womensupportingwomen and #mensmentalhealth – and we do not pretend, nor believe that happiness comes in six figures.

Read more about me here

Emma Sayle – CEO. Wife. Mother. Liberator. Feminist. – Main Stage Speaker – 10:30am

[18] [15 PG] – [Talk Contains Adult Content]

Emma Sayle . Founder | CEO | The KK Group – Killing Kittens | Safedate | Sistr | the Sisterhood Group. The popular press has pronounced her a leader at the cutting edge of the new dawn of female sexual liberation. She has appeared in national and international media from TV shows, to broadsheets, to radio debates and corporate talks.

Her charisma and passion for female empowerment are the driving force behind The KK Group, inspiring other women in relationships, business and social environments.

Read more about Emma here

Susie Mackie – Photographer, author, founder of Women of Spirit – Guest Speaker, Main Stage – 3pm

Susie’s path was a hard one, but she was lucky enough to have support from some amazing women who shared their experiences with her and made her feel less alone. Susie knows that sharing life experiences can empower others who are struggling with extraordinary personal challenges. We are delighted to have Susie as our guest speaker, she has the heart of every woman at the heart of work. Here’s what she says:

It took me until my late 50’s to begin to increase my self-esteem and learn to love myself. Now, at 62, I am living proof that it is never too late to know your worth and that self-love brings all sorts of happiness and joy! Life is far too short to live it in a state of low self-esteem and suffer the consequences of this, so my life’s purpose has become encouraging and empowering other women to value and love themselves – far earlier than the age of 62!

It’s hugely important to realise that our self-image determines how much we like our world and living in it, and how much we will achieve in life. So think about the way you think and talk about yourself. Are you kind to yourself, or if you treated your friends the way you treat yourself, how many friends do you think you’d have left? Treat yourself with kindness and compassion, and see what a difference it makes to your whole outlook. We create our own quality of life based on our own self-image – and we decide our own self-image. We decide our own worth, and we decide how much happiness to expect. Have a good think about this – in the past few years, I have, and believe me, it’s true, and I know the difference it makes!

Take a look at Susie’s ‘Women of Spirit’ website HERE to learn more!

Paul Wakefield – Owner of Freedom Book Publishing and Founder of Freedom Lifestyle Academy – Guest Speaker, Main Stage – 2pm

Paul has had an incredible journey from being rejected from work due to his entrepreneurial spirit and hitting rock bottom, to following his dreams and succeeding in creating financial freedom and true, deep happiness and gratitude, he wants nothing more than to share what he has learnt with you to help you do the same. Our stories hold real value and just as somebody once helped Paul to see this, he can help you to see it too.

Equally he fully supports male mental health and female empowerment, with three daughters he wants nothing more than to see them in happy healthy relationships and with solid female friendships that are uplifting and supportive instead of toxic and unhealthy.

His depth of understanding, awakeness, skill and knowledge can help men and women, find happiness and financial freedom.

Take a look at Paul’s ‘Freedom Lifestyle Academy’ website HERE to learn more!

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