Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, so that you can enjoy one, or five of the workshops that are on offer in between our talks and browsing exhibitors – these are small taster sessions to give you an introduction to different ways you can enhance your wellbeing. You are welcome to watch if joining in isn’t for you!

Carnival Fitness with Nehaya – Our first workshop at 10:35 a.m

Carnival fitness is an Afro-Caribbean Fitness Fusion, incorporating basic dance steps with body-weighted exercises. It is completely inclusive and open for all abilities, even if you’ve never exercised before! Come join the positive energy and burn calories whilst having fun!!

Holistic Fitness and Coaching with Lidia – 11:35

Lidia will be sharing her 5 R transformation process and she invites you to find the power to follow your own path of transformation. You can learn more about Lidia and her own transformation HERE

Introduction to Tantra – 2:35pm

There are many misconceptions around Tantra, the most common being that it is all about sex. Although modern Tantra does explore sexuality, it is much more than that.

Find out the ways in which the practice unites sexuality and spirituality, and its transformative healing powers.

By turning our attention within ourselves, we are able to notice and start to let go of anything that is no longer wanted: stresses, anxieties, past traumas and more. In its place, we are able to start to feel more joy and pleasure in our minds, bodies and lives.

The mindful practice of Tantra can bring more intimacy and connection to ourselves, as well as the relationships we have with other people.

This introductory talk gives a glimpse into the world of Tantra, with suggested follow up resources at the end for those who want to delve deeper.

Belly Dance Workshop – 3:35pm – Come and enter the beautiful world of Bellydance to discover our inner exotic through a dance that deeply connects us, especially women.  We will learn beautiful arm patterns and stunning shimmies to expand your dance style and feel good together.  Dancing is self care for your body and soul.  We will get our coin belts on and vibrate with positive collective energy to feel joyful and alive.

You will be floating out of the event on cloud 9!

and if you can’t wait until March, join Sarah at her Sparkle Bellydance on-line workshops by following this LINK

Yoga and Mindfulness with Rebecca – 1:35pm – light work after lunch!

Rebecca is a RTT Coach and she is passionate about Yoga after training as a Yoga Teacher RYT 200 Yoga Alliance. She incorporates Yoga into her own daily wellbeing and she can show you how transformative this can be. You can learn more about Rebecca HERE

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