This event is not a large expo, it is a day to relax your energy and enjoy a combination of talks, workshops, and some top class exhibitors who are offering you the chance to speak to them and learn more about what they do and how they can help you, on neutral ground.
Emotional Wellbeing * Physical Wellbeing * Financial Wellbeing * Professional Wellbeing * Sexual Wellbeing

sistr is on a mission to give women a platform to help each other through Covid-19 by sharing our skills, expertise and networks. Everyone has knowledge to share and our here to help mentoring initiative makes it easy to ask for help, offer help and connect. It costs nothing and means everything. The working world has got tougher for women during this pandemic. The UN has warned that Covid-19 could wipe out gains in equality for work and the IMF says it could put us back 30 yrs. Not on our watch! We’ve got tips and workshops on finding jobs, nailing interviews, pivoting, launching that lockdown idea, staying sane, finding your voice and doing it all with the confidence that sistr has your back.  Sistr, your sistrs need you and our time is now so come and join us!


Award Winning Business – That Works For Me is where talent meets the real world. It’s where we stop hiding our personal lives at work. It’s where businesses see what we can achieve. It’s where skilled professionals come to meet the companies they want to work for, and businesses find the individuals they need on terms that suit everyone.

Take a look at their website to learn more

The primary objective of the SMBN is to help you gain exposure to your business whilst reducing stigma and dispelling misconceptions that single mums are work shy. It is the passion of founder Julie Hawkins to raise awareness of the real issue being that work is not in sync with school and wages are not in sync with inflation.

Come and meet us!

We are delighted to be joined by Killing Kittens very own Emma Sayle!

KK is a group of companies that empower women to make connections socially, sexually, romantically and professionally. We create experiences, both online and offline that inspire the next generation of independent women.

Hiya’s Healing

I work with people who feel alone, empty and unhappy, to show them how the mind works and understand why those thoughts are there, so that we can get rid of them and get back in control of your life.

You will be able to talk to me on the day and learn more about how I can help you or somebody you love.

Take a look at Nehaya’s website HERE to learn more.

Katie Phillips – The School of Self Love

Katie is the founder of The School of Self Love. She is a Women’s Empowerment Master Coach, Love & Dating Mentor and author of ‘The Self Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’.

She is the creator of the ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ experience which is transforming midlife women’s lives and allowing them to receive love with ease. 

Her passion and expertise is inspiring women over 40 that they can create a life they love and call in the love of their life without burn-out or guilt!

Learn more by reviewing Katie’s website HERE

Tailor Matched – A bespoke dating agency for the wild at heart 

Matchmaking | Coaching | Events

Tailor Matched is a thought leading introductions agency in the UK connecting singles based on compatibility both inside and outside the bedroom. We are the only matchmaking agency worldwide that creates personal introductions based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility. Established in 2019, we are headed up by Dating Expert & Sex Educator Asa Baav & International Matchmaker and Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan.   

Come and meet Asa and Sarah – to explore how you can meet singles on your wavelength.

Learn more by visiting Tailor Matched HERE 

Caron Kipping

Divorce & Separation Coach- Specialist in Domestic Abuse Recovery

I use my personal experience of divorce and domestic abuse together with my professional expertise developed over 14 years working as an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) to offer bespoke, confidential support to women and men at all stages of divorce or separation. 

Learn more by visiting Caron’s website HERE

Ceri Griffiths FPFS CeMap Bsc Hons

Chartered Financial Planner

Founder of Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning, a financial adviser who works exclusively with women who are getting divorced. If this is you, then you probably need a financial expert in your corner, but the thought of sitting in front of a sleek city adviser when you are feeling so emotionally raw and financially unprepared is intimidating. Come and talk to me at this event or visit my website now following the link below.

Learn more by visiting Ceri’s website HERE

Chrissie Lowery

Owner of the Cuddle Bed Company and Shop Handmade.

The founder Chrissie Lowery launched her very first business and wished to sell her handmade products on several selling platforms. Shop Handmade was an idea formed after being rejected to sell on a well known marketplace.  Chrissie went on to create a networking community that brought together amazing businesses that joined her on the Shop Handmade journey. Chrissie has written a book and will sell and sign these on the day.

Learn more by visiting Chrissie’s website HERE

To exhibit book here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/find-your-power-event-2022-tickets-123185295535 we reserve the right to decline and refund exhibitors. No work from home for free opportunities please.