We all have great power to make great change. When we are happy and grounded in our own lives we can look outside at what changes need to be made around us, instead of being distracted by our own battles. Together we can fight against poverty, abuse, ignorance and turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering of our neighbours. Together we can be a force for good.


Break the Silence


Emily Rothman. How porn changes the way teens think about sex


There are many women in prison, either on remand or serving sentences for minor, non-violent
offences, for whom prison is both disproportionate and inappropriate. Many of them suffer poor
physical and mental health or substance abuse, or both. Large numbers have endured violent or
sexual abuse or had chaotic childhoods. Many have been in care. I have concluded that we are
rightly exercised about paedophiles, but seem to have little sympathy, understanding or interest in
those who have been their victims, many of whom end up in prison.



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