hi powerful souls

I'm Kiersten, creator of Find Your Power, and soul on this earth with a mission and purpose far greater than myself. I'm here to help, guide, and heal the collective. So if you're here, I hope I can add some value to your life.

I started my spiritual awakening around 4 years ago after a difficult breakup. After that, I dove head first into the spirituality and personal development and learned how to heal myself from heartbreak and trauma, how to grow and expand my mind, how to tap into source and manifest abundance, and most importantly how to be my authentic self and step into my true power.

I've done all this to better myself and create a life I love, but what would my life be if I wasn't using my knowledge and experience to help others along their journey as well?

So, that's what I'm here to do.

Welcome, to the Find Your Power family.

Let's heal, grow, and find our power, together.

- Kiersten Hollerback


My specialties


I help you dive into your spiritual journey and start expanding to a higher version of yourself, while also understanding more of the universe and how to really embody spirituality every day.

Heartbreak + Relationship Trauma Healing

I help you feel, release, and heal the pain and traumas from heartbreak and toxic relationships.


I help you with your mental and physical wellness. Working on personal development, self care, and eating a healthier and less toxic diet. Your body is your temple, so let's learn to take care of it.

Self Love + Empowerment

I help you learn to love your beautiful self, find your inner power, and step into your most authentic, confident, and powerful self.