1 on 1 Coaching Program

Find Your Power

The Find Your Power coaching program is a 6 month comprehensive life coaching journey where we go through healing, mind and body wellness, empowerment and self love, money and manifestation, and spirituality and overall expansion.

This is made for the soul that is ready to transform, in all areas of their life, to finally create the inner and outer reality of their dreams,


Who is this good for?

You want to transform your life

You're ready for more, you're ready for change, you're sick of watching others create their dream selves and dream reality and now YOU want that for yourself. You want a full life transformation, from healing, to wellness, to self love, to making more money, to expanding spiritually. You're ready to embody your highest self, and create the life you've always dreamed of.

You want to heal and step into your power

You have some past pain, trauma, or limiting beliefs holding you back or keeping you a in the darkness. You want to heal and release and step into a healed and happy version of you. You want to move on from the past, step into unconditional self love, and embody your true inner power and divine energy. You're ready to remember who TF you are and step into her.


What will we go over?

  • How to uncover and feel hidden pain and emotion

  • How to stop suppressing and burying trauma and pain

  • How to fully release and letting go of people, past experiences, pain, and things that do not serve you

  • How to heal your heart and inner wounds

  • Stepping out of the shadows and into the light

  • Mental wellness

  • Mindset

  • Personal development

  • Self care routines

  • Living a non toxic lifestyle

  • Nutrition and supplements

  • Moving your body for optimal health and mobility

  • Basic finance tips

  • Developing a positive money mindset

  • Releasing scarcity and limiting beliefs

  • Finding an aligned career that gives you freedom

  • Healthy budgeting and saving

  • Developing a spiritual practice

  • Connecting to a higher power, your angels, and guides

  • Strengthening your intuition

  • Spiritual ceremonies and plant medicine

  • Conscious connection and community

  • Expansion of your mind and soul

  • Exploring the truths of the universe

  • Finding your purpose

  • Learning to love yourself

  • Embodying self love and inner power

  • Building confidence and self trust

  • Stepping into your highest and most authentic self

  • Sharing your light and power with the world

  • Tapping into your divine feminine energy

Want more info to see if this is for you?

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Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Now is the time to take action and start building the YOU of your dreams, and the LIFE of your dreams. And I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's do this.