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Here's what our listeners say:

This is your sign....LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! I usually don’t write reviews but I had to for this one! This is truly the best mix of business, mindset, and energy!! Kiersten has such a great voice and is amazing at giving knowledge and wisdom without rambling on or making episodes too long! My new favorite podcast, I recommend to anyone!!"


Kiersten is such a light! She spreads motivation and good vibes wherever she is! I could listen to here talks all the time! So excited for the next one and to see what the future has in store! You are worthy!"

- katp24

I binged all 11 episodes that are currently up! I love how short, sweet and to the point these episodes are! So easy to listen to in the car or in the office between calls lol! Kiersten’s voice is so soothing and her words are so motivating! I could listen to her for hours! Thank you for sharing your secrets to success and personal growth with us! You are a QUEEN! 🙌🏻👑 10/10 recommend!"

-  kirstenkourey